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instantOS is an Arch based distro that works out of the box but is still aimed at power users. Everything is lightning fast, flexible and just works.


Just works

The user does not have to worry about everything from wifi to volume and brightness, theming and notification-management. The distro is also tested with non-techies as well as power users.

Power-user friendly

Loads of keybindings and extra features ensure a high skill ceiling that is still simple to get started with.


instantOS can be used with only a keyboard, mouse or even touchscreen (which makes it the only tiling capable distro with full tablet support) It has support for tiling and floating windows and allows working with both of them.

Ultra lightweight

The RAM usage on idle is about 140-150Mb. That is less half of what the lightest Ubuntu flavor uses. It comes with as little bloat as possible without sacrificing on features.


Until the userbase outgrows this, any questions will be answered immediatly by the devs. You can open issues on Github, ask for help on the Discord server, on the Subreddit or write an email to

beta Build 2 released!

The current build beta 2 is the first one published after the transition from Manjaro to Arch as well as the first version and distro ever to use the instantARCH installer. It is called beta for a reason and is not tested with all possible hardware configurations yet.

instantOS is still in early beta, contributions always welcome